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Arizona Swimming Pool Safety

Following Arizona swimming pool safety rules is simply smart, so as to prevent injuries and even accidental drownings. About 90 people in Arizona die from drowning every year, with most of those accidents happening between April and August. About half of drowning deaths occur because of swimming pool accidents, but a few precautions could prevent these deaths. The Arizona Department of Health Services has specific recommendations in regard to pool safety, to prevent accidents and injuries, even deaths:

Specific pool enclosure requirements for Arizona

Any fence gates that allow access to the swimming pool must open outward from the interior of the pool must self-close and self-latch.

Gate latches must be located at least 54 inches above the ground, and must be located on the pool side of the gate with the mechanism located at least five inches below the top; if it is padlocked or otherwise locked and requires a key or combination to open, it can be located at any height.

Arizona swimming pool safety rules for children

This is true even if a child is wearing flotation devices and/or has had swimming lessons; supervision is still necessary at all times.

Stay in sight of the pool when your child is swimming. It's a myth that drowning is a noisy business. That's only true in Hollywood movies. When someone is drowning, they can't shout or otherwise make noise because they are fighting to breathe and are immersed in water. Children can drown in less than five minutes, quickly and silently; therefore, it's imperative that you stay within sight of the water at all times.

Arizona swimming pool safety rules for everyone

Think you're safe if you're an adult? Think again

While small children are most often thought of as common drowning victims, adults, too, can be victims – especially if they engage in risky behavior like that mentioned above:

A swimming pool should be a place to relax, have fun, and cool off, for everyone. It can be, as long as you follow these simple Arizona swimming pool safety rules.